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Find your Local NCPA Branch & Shows
Find your Local NCPA Branch & Shows

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 No substitution of nominated entries permitted.
  • 2 Entry fees will not be refunded and it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that their entry is correct, eligible and available when called for their class.
  • 3 Pink Cards/NCPA Pony Registration Number must be entered on the entry form.
  • 4 The Organising Committee reserve the right to amalgamate or split classes and alter or amend the running order of classes.
  • 5 Exhibitors must enter the ring wearing the number allocated for that class.
  • 6 The Judge's decision if FINAL. A judge may require a horse/pony which constitutes a danger to leave the ring.
  • 7 Horses/ponies must be registered and entered at any show in the name of the legal owner.
  • 8 All horses/ponies exhibited must be entered in the name under which they have been originally registered with the GSB, NPS, M&M Stud Book or any other recognised Society.
  • 9 An exhibitor may not knowingly exhibit a horse/pony bred, sold, leased or produced by the Judge, his/her immediate family or his/her employer.
  • 10 A rider may not ride in a class judged by someone for whom h/she has ridden in a competition during the current year.
  • 11 An exhibitor may not show under a Judge for whom he/she has produced a horse/pony in the same year.
  • 12 Any objection or complaint must be made in writing with a deposit of £25 within 30 minutes of the incident occurring; refundable if upheld.
  • 13 The Organising Branch Committee accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, injury or damage to any person or their property whilst on the showground, car parks or approaches.
  • 14 In the event of a show being cancelled, entry fees, less a £2 deduction or £3 for POY Show for administration charges, will be refunded.
  • 15 Exhibitors must take into consideration that classes may clash. If this occurs, they must nominate which class they wish to compete in.
  • 16 The mucking out of horse boxes/trailers is not permitted on the show ground and a penalty will be incurred.
  • 17 Exhibitors are advised that al horses/ponies should be insured for public liability.


  • 18 Correctly secured BSI skull caps/riding hats - BS 4772/6473/EN 1384/PAS 015 must be worn at all times.
  • 19 In ridden classes correct riding attire to be worn.
  • 20 Spurs or dress spurs must not be worn in the Show Pony, Show Hunter Pony, Working Hunter Pony or any Mountain and Moorland ridden classes.
  • 21 Show canes and whips are not to exceed 75cms (30ins). In Lead Rein classes, plain or leathercovered canes only may be used. If mis-used, in the opinion of the Judge, an exhibitor may be sent out of the ring and may be reported to the NCPA Council.
  • 22 Body protectors may be worn.
  • 23 Riders or handlers may only compete with one horse/pony in any one class.
  • 24 A fall of horse/pony or rider in any class will result in disqualification and they must leave the ring dismounted.
  • 25 Riders must have attained their 3rd birthday on the day of the Show.
  • 26 In Lead Rein classes the leader must be 16 years old or over and may only lead one pony in a class. Whilst in the ring, ponies must be led at all times by the handler.
  • 27 Competitors shall not ill-treat horses/ponies at any time whether by misuse or excessive use of a whip or by any item of saddlery or in any other way whatsover and shall not cause or allow a horse/pony to jump any hand-held obstacle or to be rapped.
  • 28 Competitors are responsible for the actions of any non-competitor employed by them or assisting or representing them, or otherwise acting on their behalf and any action or conduct of such non-competitors.
  • 29 Exhibitors and their grooms must, at all times, present themselves in the show ring neatly and smartly dressed.
  • 30 Young handlers are advised that they should wear a hard hat whilst showing in-hand.


  • 31 The Organising Committee reserves the right to expel any horse/pony from the ring which is not deemed to be fit or under sufficient control.
  • 32 Horses/ponies must be four years old or over in all ridden classes. The age shall be calculated from 1st January in the year of its birth.
  • 33 Mares with a living foal born during the current season are not eligible to compete in ridden classes.
  • 34 All stallions and 2/3 year old colts must hold a current licence (unless otherwise governed by the individual Breed Society), and MAY NOT BE ENTERED in any Young Handler or Junior Mountain and Moorland classes.
  • 35 Stallions and colts must be adequately bitted and under control of a handler aged 18 years and over.
  • 36 No ridden pony shall be shown on a leading rein except those exhibited in classes confined to Leading Rein Ponies, or unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  • 37 ONLY mares and geldings are eligible in Junior, Lead Rein and First Ridden Mountain and Moorland classes.
  • 38 First Ridden, Novice Show Ponies, Novice Show Hunter Ponies, Novice Intermediate Show Riding and Novice Intermediate Show Hunters must be shown in a suitable bridle.
  • 39 In Leading Rein classes, the lead rein must be affixed to the noseband only. The reins must go directly from the bit to the rider's hands. Must be shown in snaffle.
  • 40 In First Ridden classes, ponies must not be cantered except in their individual shows. Ponies in Riding Pony, Show Hunter Pony and Mountain and Moorland classes may be galloped 4 at a time only.
  • 41 Mountain and Moorland ponies may be trimmed according to breed standards in order to maintain their breed classification.
  • 42 In ALL Mountain and Moorland classes, Ridden and In-hand, ponies must be shown as recommended by their Breed Society Rules and are restricted to the height limits laid down by their appropriate Breed Societies.
  • 43 In all Riding Pony Breeding and Mountain and Moorland classes, brood mares must be 4 years old and over.
  • 44 Brood mares with foal at foot will be eligible for entry In-hand. Foals may accompany mares into the ring but must be haltered and under control of a competent handler.
  • 45 Foals must be a minimum of 21 days old on the day of the Show.
  • 46 Foals must be shown in a halter or leather head collar. No foal to be shown in a bit of any type.
  • 47 Bit-less bridles are not permitted. Any suitable bridle may be worn in Working Hunter Pony classes.
  • 48 Protective leg boots of a plain colour may be used for Working Hunter classes only and are not permitted for any other classes. No bandages or protective pads on horses'/ponies' legs or feet are permissible. Normal shaped open heeled plastic stick-on shoes are permissible.
  • 49 All horses/ponies must be attended at all times.


  • 50 Competitors are not allowed to withdraw from any class without the Judge's permission.
  • 51 The class is completed when the Judge dismisses the class.
  • 52 No person other than the Judge and the official course builder appointed by the Show is permitted to alter the course.
  • 53 Consideration must be shown to other riders at all times.

How to Join the NCPA

First membership subscriptions can be paid at any time of the year, but memberships are always renewable as from 1st January in any year. The membership card has a number which is unique to each individual member each year

Click here to become a member...

Become a Panel Judge

We frequently get asked how a person goes about joining the NCPA Judges' Panel. Any member who is already on the Judging Panel of a Breed Society may apply to be automatically accepted onto the equivalent NCPA Panel. View our basic procedure online now

Apply to become a Panel Judge here...

Plan your Show Season

The NCPA & our 11 Branches all runs shows throughout the year. We also have our prestigious Championship Show in September entitled The Northern Counties Pony of the Year Show. Qualifying Shows are available on the website

Start to plan your Show Calendar here...

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NCPA was formed in 1964 covering an area from Cumbria and Durham in the North down to Shropshire and Leicester in the South.


NCPA Office: C/O Janet Bushell
11 Mawdsley Close Formby Liverpool L37 8DJ



Telephone: 01704 834482
E-mail: gensec@thencpa.co.uk


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